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4)   Customer

Survey Form

3)      Select


Research Doc-page-001

Research Doc

Jan Bonus

Clip Board Docs For Each Guest

SUCCESS TIP: Stay in PHASE 1 - show the overview MINIMUM 20 times per month

                         Work CLOSELY with your Coach/Mentor

                         Take notes and keep records - who have you shown? Their response? When to follow up?

                         NEVER QUIT!

Home meeting_sign-inSheet-page-001

Guest Sign-In Registration

Edifying each earned position-page-001 35 Min Home Meeting -page-001 Home meeting host guidelines-page-001

30 Min Home Format

To Study For Your Professional Home Meeting

1 For each guest

Clip Board

Clip Board & Pen

Documents Printed

And Set to Oneside at Your Home Meeting

Home Meeting


Confirmation Guest Script-page-001 Explanation On How To Close

Closing and Sorting at PBR

2)       Sample

IBO Aplication

Customer Survey Form

Print back & Front

Sample Rep Form

1 For each Interested guest

Nov Bonus 2018

NZ  Customer

Survey Form

Customer Survey Form

Print back & Front

Dec Overview 2018